City Base Cinema Joins BOOK of FREE® Fundraising Efforts

City Base Cinema, the newest state of the art theatre in San Antonio, has joined the 2013 BOOK of FREE fundraising efforts by offering three FREE movie tickets in the 2013 BOOK of FREE, going on sale October 1. Each movie ticket is valued at $7, a $21 total value offer from City Base Cinema.

“We’re thrilled to include City Base Cinema in the 2013 BOOK of FREE,” states Fran Yanity, BOOK of FREE spokeswoman. “They are a premier theatre on the south side of San Antonio and our BOOK of FREE patrons will enjoy frequenting their establishment and supporting them. Our charity partners in particular thank them for the generous offers that will help spur book sales.”

In addition to City Base Cinema’s 3 FREE MOVIE tickets, there are 7 FREE MOVIE tickets to Alamo Drafthouse Cinema’s. That makes 10 FREE MOVIE tickets in the 2013 BOOK of FREE this year. Hooray for Hollywood and The BOOK of FREE!

The BOOK of FREE also offers consumers a wide array of gift certificates to San Antonio area merchants. For only $50 (with $20 of the book sale going to charity), consumers receive over $2,000 in gift certificates and other great bonus offers like 40 FREE dining certificates, 5 FREE rounds of golf, a FREE child’s ticket to Schlitterbahn WaterPark in New Braunfels, and many more unique FREE offers all around town for entertainment, sporting events, dining out and much more.

Over 40 local charities will be selling the BOOK of FREE  starting October 1st. The BOOK of FREE can be purchased from one of those participating charities or online at