FREE admission for Two to Howl At The Moon!

Looking for a fun night out? Whether you’re an upperclassman in college or an adult looking for a fun night, Howl At The Moon is the place to be! Schedule a babysitter, hydrate, and make sure you have a rideshare app, cause it’s time to party! As usual, The Book of Free is barking up good times and sweet deals. Did you know that our 2018 Book includes FREE Admission for Two to Howl at the Moon? Well now you do! (But Remember, you must be 21 or older for great music and great times. See certificate for details.)


In addition to Howling savings, the new 2018 Book of Free has hundreds incredible deals on dining, entertainment and more. With over $6,000 in total savings, the Book of Free pays for itself many times over for almost any San Antonio Native. To make a sweet deal even sweeter, for a limited time, each book comes with a choice of 1,2, 4, or 6 Fiesta Texas tickets starting at under $30.


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Thanks for reading, check back soon for more deals and offers! -Book of Free Marketing Team


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